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Meet Sam Baldwin and Patrick Bell – the team behind Phonics Stars 

Sam Baldwin | Founder and Principal

samSam Baldwin says: Hello and welcome to Phonics Stars™. I founded Phonics Stars™ in 2014 but my passion for supporting Children and my love for early education started much earlier on.

In 2003 I began my journey working within Childcare and education. I ran a very successful Childminding business, graded outstanding in all areas. I also worked with Bromley Mencap and as a support Childminder for London Borough of Bromley. 10 years later, with more qualifications and experience behind me I embarked on my role as an Early Years Educator, within an outstanding London Primary School.

I was privileged to work with some excellent Teachers, Early Years Educators, Teaching Assistants, Speech and Language Therapists within an Outstanding School which believes that every Child matters. The school offered teachers, EYEs and TAs fantastic courses and workshops which enabled us to deliver exciting and effective teaching techniques and provide Children with the best care and education.  All of this inspired and enthused my passion for supporting and promoting Children’s learning.

Working as an EYE I discovered many Children entering Reception who were far away from school ready. Some Children needed a lot of support with some basic skills to ensure they were able to gain the most from the curriculum. Children lacking in fine motor muscle strength found not only using writing resources a challenge but were also experiencing difficulty with simple tasks, such as having to zip or button their coat which would only add to their frustration. Some Children struggled with speaking, listening and attention and needed help to develop good social skills. We had to build confidence and work as a team to ensure Children received the best start to their education.

So that is when I decided to create Phonics Stars™. Initially I redeveloped and ran all of the Classes myself, but then began to work on an initiative to train and resource other, equally passionate and able Class Leaders through our licensing process.  While I still love running my own Classes, I am increasingly enjoying working with new Class Leaders and helping them to create flexible and rewarding term-time careers for themselves, which in turn will spread Phonics Stars™ happiness and benefits across the nation.

Thank you for visiting us here at Phonics Stars and if there is anything I can do for you, please contact me here at

Patrick Bell | Managing Director

patrickPatrick Bell says: Phonics Stars  is an innovative leader in Pre-school education, and my colleague Sam Baldwin is brilliant at empowering Class Leaders all over the country to deliver her program with all the passion, energy and ability needed to make it such a great experience for the Children – and their Parents and Carers. But all successful businesses need to make sure they do all the boring bits efficiently too! That’s where I come in – both for the brand at a national level and in support of each individual Licensed Class Leader.

But there is slightly more to my involvement than that… I was particularly drawn to Phonics Stars  for two key reasons. The first is that I too have worked as an innovator within the education system, having been CEO of the first Free School to be appointed under the legislation first introduced in 2010. I undertook that role to ensure that Students and Families in my Community received the quality, choice and diversity in education that they had a right to receive. Although a Secondary School in that case, I am fully aligned with all that Phonics Stars  is designed to achieve – which is the best possible education for the next generation in a challenging UK and global climate.

Second, one of my own Children had the benefit of Sam’s childcare services as a toddler. He has gone on to attend one of the best performing Secondary Schools in our county and I am certain that Sam’s presence in his early years contributed to his success so far. Having watched her working with young Children at close quarters, it is a great privilege for me to be able to help her extend the fantastic work she does through many more like her in the Communities which they serve.

My role is to help Sam to spread Phonics Stars  happiness and benefits way out to as many Children, Families and Communities as possible and to help our Licensed Class Leaders to operate safely and sustainably. If I can help with anything, please contact me here at